Urthboy’s Top 8 for 2009

Urthboys Top ummm 8 for 2009.

1. Fashawn – Life as a Shorty
Flipping the Inspectah Deck line from C.R.E.A.M, Fashawn gets his autobiographical on in this swinging beat from Exile. I love this tune and this whole album (Boy Meets World), it’s half science and half west coast swaggering street talk – enough so that you can’t peg him into any one scene. I grew up on political rap; NYC bragging rap; gangsta rap; Native Tongues cool shit – so I love hip hop that represents a cross section of these styles. I highly recommend this record (it’s one Stones Throw).

2. Brother Ali – Fresh Air
It’s all about the vibe in this uptempo nugget, and even a bit of slap bass can’t bring this banger down. Ali delivered bigtime on this record ‘Us’ – good times and struggle rarely get communicated with such perfect pitch and flavour. I defy you to hear this tune and not crack a smile. I say all this from the perspective of someone who never really dug Ant’s production (his snares have always grated me). Dope.

3. Mos Def feat. Slick Rick – The Auditorium
In a 2 year period when a lot of formerly great rappers made big comebacks (Raekwon, Q-Tip, Pharoahe) Slick Rick has quietly ushered himself in the backdoor – and this cameo took the cake. Mighty Mos holds it down as per usual (one of the best ever imo) and the Arabic strings courtesy of a weird re-hash of an instrumental Madlib tune let the semi-surreal lyricism of Slick Rick win the day.

4. Raekwon – About Me
He stunned everyone with this album – a big return to form after his last shoddy record. There are numerous ill tunes here but About Me wins simply cos of a monster Dre beat (imagine Wu Tang with Dre production – owww!) so even if Busta ain’t in his sharpest form the tune still makes little people want to make big noise out of their car stereos (like me)!

5. Beirut – Nantes
My brother put me onto Beirut ages ago but I never really went there – he said Beirut was sorta Unkle Ho but done indie. This is a fantastic album, melancholy east indie – horns splashing in a sea of instruments. I dig the living shit outta this song.

6. Horrorshow – Walk You Home
When I originally got excited about Horrorshow I often wondered how their thoughtful and gentle lyrics would go down in the hip hop scene. Oddly enough, they’ve been one of the revelations of the last 18 months in a scene that is often dominated by a very blokey output. On Walk You Home, Adit samples a Sufjan Stevens banjo part and all the pieces come together beautifully when Solo’s “if not the one, than you’re the first” line still sums up why I’m such a fan of this duo.

7. Buck 65 (feat. Sufjan Stevens) – Blood Part 2
Buck 65’s hip hop credentials have never been in question in my head, especially after seeing him rock the simultaneous MC and DJ live show – I respect anyone who can hold that shit down. Saying that, I don’t check for him now and I didn’t really like him that much back in the day. This tune is spoken word over a stripped back beat with Sufjan providing a massive chorus – notice Buck never losing his rhythm whilst spilling out scene after scene of lyrical imagery – always something new revealed each listen. It’s intense, dense and memorable.

8. Thundamentals – Sleeping on your Style
Title track of their 2009 album – I reckon they got this one right. The darker beat (reminds me a little of Hermitude) contrasts well with their warm back and forth vocal delivery. The tightness of the overall album is fresh but it also felt a little samey to me if listening to it all in one sitting. These guys have a mad live show and a definite musical approach that sets em apart from most Oz groups. Looking forward to seeing what these guys do next. Blue Mountains represent!

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Also if you missed it last year, Urthboy was nice enough to give out a few free downloads to end a great year of hip hop.

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