Bigger Than Hip Hop Radio Show Interview

We recently spoke to Pete and Paul over at the Bigger Than Hip Hop Show on Melbourne’s SYN 90.7FM. If you haven’t heard of this show, don’t sleep for much longer. It airs live Wednesday nights, 9 – 10pm, across the city as well as the Mornington Peninsula & Geelong.
These guys have only recently started the show and already have delivered some huge nights of hip hop, live to your radio.
Recent shows included some top interviews, including the likes of Solo from Horrorshow, Jes Won from Thundamentals, plus a host of DJ specials, and a shit load of raw hip hop.

Here’s a few questions we threw at the lads from Bigger Than Hip Hop, we like to call this article getting to know your radio hip hop radio emcee.

What’s your main concept behind the show that is ‘Bigger Than Hip Hop’?
PAUL: The idea behind the show is that there is so much good hip hop out there that we couldn’t limit our playlists to a time, place or style. So what our show tries to do is play hip hop from all around the world (and locally, of course) whether it was released thirty years ago or last week.
PETE: Yeah, I’d like to think that we source a slightly different brand of Hip Hop than what most people would be used to and completely comfortable with. Paul and I have very different tastes in music and I think we take a broad approach to the show.

What’s the best thing about hosting a show like BTHH?
PAUL: One of my favourite things about BTHH is the opportunity it gives for us to reach out and interview some of our favourite artists in hip hop at the moment, both locally and internationally. We’ve been lucky enough to talk to Solo from Horrorshow, Jeswon from the Thundamentals as well as Thes One from People Under The Stairs and One Be Lo from Binary Star. Those guys are definitely a handful of guys I think are ahead of the curve in the hip hop scene.
PETE: I’m constantly hearing new tracks or learning new things, whether it be through Paul, researching segments or even from listeners who text in. It’s also a great platform to get a range of opinions on issues and topics, which is something we do every show.

What kind of hip hop will you be playing?
PAUL: Anything and everything good. Every week we’ll play something different.
PETE: As I mentioned before, we try to keep it broad. If we can put a listener on to even one group or rapper they’ve never heard before then the mission is complete. In saying that, we’re always going to be chucking in a few loved classics for the heads.

What kind of content will we see on the show?

PAUL: Each week we play a brand new track that’s just been released, look back at an era/album that was monumental, discuss a ‘topic’ in hip hop & ask for people’s opinions, play a song and the song it was sampled from, give away CDs, give shout outs on air and if there’s time, play some requests. If you’re really lucky we’ll play an interview as well.

How did you personally get involved/set up the radio show?
PAUL: SYN is a really good station to get involved with. We just signed up for radio training that runs every few months and then we pitched our idea for the show to the station’s organizers. They liked our concept and we’ve been hosting the show since.
How important do you think it is to have your type of independent
radio show in Australia?
PAUL: Personally, I think its pretty important. Without student and community stations there’s not much room for diversity in music. I get tired of hearing the same songs on commercial radio and in the end, they’re running a business so they cater to their consumers, but we’re trying to do something different. We want to give musicians exposure, we want to show listeners groups who wouldn’t get heard any other way.

In your opinion who should we be on the lookout for in 2010 (musically)?
PAUL: Where to start… I’m really hanging out for The Roots ‘How I Got Over’ CD, I think Mantra and Spit Syndicate are set to make a big splash in 2010 as will The Tongue & Lyrics Born. I think the Beastie Boys are set to make a big comeback too. I’m hoping Lupe Fiasco and Common’s new albums will be better than their last and I’m intrigued to hear how Andre 3000s new one and Doom & Ghostface’s collab will turn out. Then again, the best act of 2010 could always be a newcomer.
PETE: I’m really looking forward to seeing if Low Budget get around to putting out anything new this year. Their release last year was pretty killer. Digging a bit deeper underground I’d be watching the Crate Cartel crew. As a collective they’ve been coming though with some really top-notch production lately on both Fluent and Geko’s releases. The quality production level of some of our underground releases is in Melbourne is astounding.

How do you see the current state of Australian hip hop internationally
and locally?
PAUL: Aus hip hop has definitely started getting acknowledged and respected in the wider community. Personally, I think the majority of our releases coming out are better, on average, than the majority of American rap at the moment. As for other nations, there’s a lot of stuff from Europe that I’m really digging at the moment like Pete Philly & Perquisite, Fettes Brot, Looptroop etc. I mean most countries have their own scene now which I think is great.
PETE: I think there’s still a lot of room for growth in the Australian for hip hop scene. I feel that the more money there is in an industry the more people you are going to have doing it for the wrong reasons, like in the U.S. That’s why Australia has maintained such a genuinely dope hip hop scene, because there’s no money in it!

To contact Pete and Paul, you can reach them on ther Facebook page, “Bigger Than Hip Hop Radio Show” where you can give us join in discussions, listen to past shows and interviews and links to free mixtapes

The Photo above was painted by Pete in Frankston 23/1/10

BTHH Radio Intro Samples: Pete Rock, Lyrics Born, Ugly Duckling, Nas, Pegz, Beastie Boys, Talib Kweli, Common Low Budget, K-Os and our interviews with Thes One, Solo and Jeswon.