Decked Out TV live taping tonight!

Decked Out TV is a Brisbane based Hip Hop show featuring all elements of hip hop.
Ever week the guys plan to capture Hip Hop in its current form, from emceeing to break dance, freestyle battles and even graffiti features. We want to give ‘our’ culture a voice.
So far the guys have filmed the likes of Phrase, Snob Scrilla, Ciecmate & Newsense, Kings Konnected and many more.

Filming nights will be in front of a live audience at the Jubilee Hotel in Brisbane. If you want to come down and get involved make sure you get there for one of these dates.

TONIGHTThe Coalition Crew and Brethren.
Local supports from Broadkast & Kryptamistik + DJ Sanchez (SA)
The first round of the Decked Out Freestyle battles with Prophet Rayza, P-Cert, Tricksta and Kase Won. Doors open at 8pm. $12 entry.

Feb 19 – Winnie Coopers, Bigfoot & Jake Biz.
Mar 5 – Mystro, Indigenous Intrudaz, Impossible Odds.
Mar 27 – Grand Audio Family, Rainman & DJ Butcher
April 9 – The Optimen, Pure Product.

Stay tuned for what Decked Out TV has install this year, as we give the country a taste of whats going on in Aussie Hip Hop.