Torcha & B-Don – Frozen State LP

A work ethic unmatched, Sydney emcee Torcha teams up with producer B-Don for his third release in less than a year. Following new albums under the Hyjak & Torcha name along with the debut of his rock group A Broken Silence, Torcha & B-Don round out the trifecta with the new LP Frozen State, a hybrid hip hop album influenced by its elements of hard rock, classical, and chart topping tunes.

“Torcha’s new LP Frozen State with musical genius B-Don cements his place at the forefront of Australian hip hop. This is his third full LP release in less than one year and the sound developed has gone from strength to strength” – John Payne, VP, Death Row Records

Collecting the best elements of his previous work, Torcha & B-Don blend the graceful acoustics of piano-led interludes (the opening salvo of “On The Map”) and rock guitars with hard hitting hip hop beats and Torcha’s surefire lyrical flow. From contemporary issues to political, from the laid back to the serious, Frozen State is a slice of the world Torcha has been exploring (from Australia to Europe, from the Americas to Asia), all distilled with his distinct lyrical outlook, giving the album plenty of ground to cover.

With his blues leanings intact (“Internet Age”) and hip hop roots still packing a punch (the Hyjak & Feva guesting on the title track), Frozen State is another defining statement in the Australian Hip Hop landscape. Unafraid to test new ground (“Cross That Line”) while remaining close to home (lining up guest spots from N’FA, 2Furious, and S.Q.Z), Torcha & B-Don have created the next big stepping stone in the genre’s already noted history.

Track listing:

01. On the Map
02. Road Rage
03. Internet Age
04. Waiting
05. Smoke Circles
06. The Zone
07. Frozen State (ft. Hyjak & Feva)
08. Sacrelidge (ft. S.Q.Z.)
09. Perfect View (ft. 2furious)
10. Over the Limit (ft. Hyjak)
11. Ups and Downs
12. Walking Contradiction (ft. N’FA)
13. Cross That Line (ft. Listic)
14. Everybody Moves (ft. Bobby Kim & Buga Kingz)