27 Politics – The Prima Facie Mixtape (March 27)

Prima Facie Definition: noun – A legal term meaning ‘at first appearance; at first view
This is an upcoming release for the label Rawlab Entertainment. 27 Politics consisting of emcees T and Gzutek, will drop The Prima Facie Mixtape on March 27. The Prima Facie Mixtape is exactly what the name suggests, acting as a prelude to a yet to be titled debut from newly formed crew 27 Politics.

At first listen one may recognise some of the classic beats within minutes anyone will agree that this is a mixtape – jacked beats and all. However, on the appropriately titled introduction What’s Happenin, T and Gzutek spare us the tedious introductions and delve straight into an unpredictable back and forth state of flows and lyrics.

‘We’ve been working on an album for the last couple of months now and we feel real good with the direction its going in, however it’s still a few months away and the dilemma we face is that we want something out now’.

Features include Rawlab’s latest signees V.C.G, Melbourne’s own G Force and international guests Alex Ludovico & Dutchmaster in Aussie Bongs, Chicago Bud which all 4 mc’s share thoughts on their marijuana fuelled adventures.

Aussie Bongs, Chicago Bud (featuring Chicago’s own Alex Ludovico & Dutchmaster) will appear on the 27 Politics ‘The Prima Facie Mixtape’ along with the track What’s Happenin which you can check out below.

Track Listing
1. What’s Happenin`.
2. This Life. (Feat. G-Force)
3. Aussie Bongs, Chicago Bud. (Feat. Alex Ludovico & Dutchmaster)
4. Cake.
5. Back To The Faithless. [Prod. Blazin Marty]
6. On One Of My Rants. (Feat. Ports)
7. Twinz.
8. Groundhog Day.
9. Who’s Who. (Feat Grinny) [Prod. Gzutek]
10. Crazy Shit.
11. This Aint A Radio Track. (Feat. V.C.G) [Prod. 3rd Degree]
12. Try and Stop Me.
13. Paranoid.
14. People Talk.
15. Lyrical Addict. [Prod. Gzutek] {Bonus Track}

27 Politics – What’s Happenin

27 Politics – Aussie Bongs, Chicago Bud