Dwizofoz – Baked Not Fried EP


Dwizofoz has indeed been building quite a name for himself starting way back in 2003 when he first met Ghosty and started working on tracks with him. In 2004 the duo created the group Ozalians and almost immediately began performing on stages all around Brisbane.

After nearly 5 years of performing and having supported and worked with such artists as Muph n Plutonic, Hyjak n Torcha, Bias B, Optimen and Tommy Illfigga, Justice n Kaos (to name a few), Ozalians decided to part ways to work on different projects. The end of 2007 saw Dwizofoz begin to really focus on his music as a solo artist and marked a definite step up in the intensity of Dwiz’s live shows. Since 2007 Dwizofoz has supported such artists as Lazy Grey, Bias B, Thundamentals, Dialectrix and was scheduled to support “Godfather of Grime” Wiley at his cancelled Brisbane show.

After years of hardwork Dwizofoz’s debut solo EP is finally ready to hit shelves. Baked Not Fried is a collection of tracks that captures the feeling of the journey he has been since going solo in late 2007. 9 tracks deep featuring only Brisbane emcee’s and producers Baked Not Fried is set to make heads from all over our great nation sit up and recognize the potential that Dwizofoz possesses.

The EP features production from DJ Butcher (Crate Creeps, Pure Product) Mc Rotheee (Kut Paste Records) Warlock Beats, Plague, Dark Matter and more and guest verses from Brisbane battle veteran Alexander The Commander, Strooth, Mc Rotheee and Big Koz.

Track Listing:
1. As The Pendulum Swings
2. One Word
3. Who’s Side You On?
4. Introduce Myself feat. Mc Rotheee and Big KOZ
5. Fire Up feat. Strooth
6. Reintroduction
7. Baked Not Fried feat. Alexander The Commander
8. Bomb The City
9. My Legacy

Ladies and Gentleman! After nearly 8 years slowly taking over Brisbane, one suburb at a time Dwizofoz is finally about to launch his debut solo EP, Baked Not FriedKut Paste Records and Crate Cartel proudly present the Dwizofoz/Fluent Form (QLD) dual album launch, featuring Maggot Mouf + Gutz with DJ Buick. This will all go down at the Step Inn on Friday June 25.

Featuring Fluent Form with his much hyped and multi award-winning album The Furnace. If you havent heard it already go pick that shit up, right now. The hype surrounding his The Furnace is well and truly lived up to by the album itself.
Featuring production by Geko, Ciecmate and more and guest spots by Brad Strut, Fatty Phew, Maundz, to name a few The Furnace is, one of the top Australian releases for 2009. He will be joined by fellow Cartelians Geko and DJ Discourse.

The gig will also mark the much-anticipated return to Brisbane of Broken Tooth Records pioneer Maggot Mouf accompanied by Gutz and DJ Buick. Sure to kill it. Also performing on the night are local acts DeadBeatSociety, a group which consists of Brisbane mic slayers Pi Emcee, Tendancee, P.Butta, Twitch, Julez Vega and DJ Daze.

Also on support duties is Freemcee, one half the now broken up Affirmative Word. Freemcee has created a massive buzz around his live shows and has now gone solo to continue his journey, which is sure to be a long one.
And of course Dwizofoz’ stable mate, Unda Dwella will be bringing the heat to get proceedings underway in the correct manner, check out his mixtape Everyone Loves UD coming soon. Tracks will be spun between sets by DJ Boomski.