Eloquor – Charge July 2

Like the glow of the city streets, Melbourne’s Eloquor is the amalgamation of a spiritual soul with the battered underground. A talented lyricist and memorable performer, Eloquor’s pedigree is built upon his responsibilities of being a hip hop poet devoted to uplifting the community and a teacher to those less privileged.

Featuring production from noted names like M-Phazes and Jase, and digging deep into the aural landscape of New York’s hip hop roots, Charge is his second full length album, and like its commanding title, the music captures the drive and will to keep living through the uphill ride of daily life. It is a philosophy embodied in the album’s first single Keep On (featuring the guest vocals from songstress Lauren Gilliard and smoky/jazzy production from Beathedz member Jase); a soulful, introspective number about taking control of one’s own future regardless of the path ahead. The vibe continues in Pressure’s On, an urgent and gritty ode to giving the hardships of time the proverbial middle finger, while the hard-hitting MT MF proclaims the hours you live are spent climbing this mountain, with little rest in sight.

As a teacher for young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, Eloquor has seen the very real elements of street life. Yet the old adage of youth embroiled in crime is flipped on its head with the Slimkat 78 (USA) produced Hey Folks. The song’s moody, down-tempo beat is the perfect accompaniment to the notion that parents are just as much to blame for the shortcomings of their children.
Not one to dwell on the all too serious, Charge is met with the opposing positivity and party atmosphere of high energy tracks Rap Star, the synthesizer-fueled Berocca and the blazing title track Charge – a surefire hip hop party track for 2010 boasting razor sharp cuts and an unforgettable beat. These high-energy efforts showcase Eloquor’s ability to mix the humorous in with the reflective without losing his integrity and urgency.

The deeply personal tone of Daddy’s Girl (produced by the UK’s Sir Williams and featuring the vocal talents of Cisco Tavares) showcases his responsibility as a father, transforming the tough urban image to the graceful. Like the Clouds features the voice and thoughts of his grandmother, a powerful influence on this MC, bringing to light the spiritual foundations of Charge. The reflective closer is an affirming track about living life in every moment. These are the textures of a man with plenty of lessons behind him, and a very bold future ahead.

Available: July 2nd
Released by: Myspherical Entertainment
Distributed by: Obese Records

01. Comin’ Up
02. MT MF
03. Pressure’s On
04. Why (feat. Chi King)
05. Charge
06. Rap Star
07. Keep On (feat. Lauren Gilliard)
08. Hey Folks
09. Kick Snare
10. Berocca
11. Writer’s Block
12. Daddy’s Girl (feat. Cisco Tavares)
13. Like the Clouds (feat. Lauren Gilliard)