Koolism – Cant Stand It (Stream)

Koolism have just leaked their brand new single Can’t Stand It. The track is making waves at the moment and has made a few ears twitch and a lot of heads turning.DJ Danielsan as always provides the backdrop to this up-tempo track, while Plutonic Lab chips in with the drums.

As for the words, emcee Hau, explains: “The lyrics were inspired by, to put it simple and plain, a lot of fuckery in this country. I definitely believe we have it a lot better than many places around the world, but at the same time, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to voice my opinion on particular things I feel are wrong. Since I have the opportunity to say something I feel is worth while, then I’;m going to capitalise on that. If you’re offended, then the shoe must fit. Wear it.”

Can’t Stand It is the tune to jump off their forth-coming album, The ‘Umu’ due out mid-2010. Below you can stream Koolism’s new track Can’t Stand It and also while your down there, check out the little doco about the name behind the album. ‘The Umu’.

Koolism’s new single off the forth coming album, ‘The ‘Umu’.
Photo by Cole Bennetts