Koolism – Behind The Scenes IX (Can’t Stand It)

Koolism has started their journey back into the game and in this video you get to play fly on the wall and watch Hau laying down the first verse to Koolism’s new single, Can’t Stand It. Ignorant crew duck down!

Canberra’s finest, Koolism, are back! The mighty combination of emcee Hau Latukefu and DJ Danielsan Ichiban return more vitriolic, more pissed off, than ever. On Can’t Stand It, Hau takes fire at the Australian government’s policy of refugee detaining, the seeming hypocracy of lambasting Pauline Hanson but cheering for her on Dancing With The Stars and the general air of insouciance and apathy.

Can’t Stand It is the first taste of Koolism’s long-awaited fourth record The Umu which will drop later this year. (Aug/Sept) Be prepared to think while you dance.
Stay tuned for more production footage, recording sessions and other shenanigans from The Dojo Studios and KOA HQ, as the boys create their brand-spankin’ new album, The Umu (pron. oo-moo).