Triple Album Launch – Crate Creeps – Crate Cartel – Jake Biz

Off the back of the success of Geko’s Crate Cartel Radio (in stores now) which features the likes of Maundz, Fluent Form, Raven, Jake Biz & Bigfoot, Bias B, Fatty Phew & Luke Mac, Kings Konekted, Ciecmate and Aectix, Geko will make his travels up to Brisbane to release the album along side fellow Crate Cartalians Maundz, Raven and Fluent Form.

Alongside the already massive line-up, the production duo The Crate Creeps (DJ Butcher & Tommy Illfigga), off the back of there eagerly awaited album release – July 9th, will be releasing there album with an EXTREMELY live show incorporating as many people from the album as humanly possible (including local hero’s, The Optimen, Pure Product, Rainman, Yuin Huzami, Kings Konekted, Haunts (Choose Mics), Robby Balboa, Clinic n Proclaim (The Archetypes), Adverse, PieEmc3e. The set will incorporate a lot of beat boxing, scratching, live looping, sampling and possibly some MPC/MPD action.

Furthermore (thats right, theres more!), the night will be supported by 750 Rebels Jake Biz & Bigfoot who will be performing tracks of his EP Purgatory, and also a support slot by Melbourne veterans B wiv Deece.
August 21st, 2010 price $13.

Be there, or miss one of the biggest parties this year!

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