The Tongue – Alternative Energy

Some are content to watch on as life unfolds: happy to experience the movement from a distance. Others burst into life, like a reptile breaking open its own shell in order to get things happening. The latter would aptly describe The Tongue, and this is his brand new album Alternative Energy.

Blessed with an infectious style and charisma, The Tongue has a knack for creating ‘sticky’ phrases that stay with you – wrapped inside hooky flows that suck you in. His style has an elegant complexity, dispatching pop culture references with acerbic wit, speaking straight to true hip hop heads but connecting with the casual listener. Bold enough to carry a flashy bravado but wise enough to temper it with sincerity: not all emo, nor all ego.

The Tongue has always promised much; his versatility as a freestyle MC is deservedly celebrated: he’s a very likeable frontman with a natural live presence. Alternative Energy is the album that captures The Tongue’s thirst for life’s curiosities and the vibrancy of his personality. Production comes courtesy of some of Australia’s best: Elgusto, M-Phazes, Dizz-1 and others have created a crisp and contemporary backdrop that moves haphazardly through bright and menacing moods. The Tongue talks of love and frustration; politics and bullshit; coming up and down in a city of sin. Lending vocals to the album are Gift of Gab, Urthboy, Ngaiire and Joyride.

Track Listing
1. The Show
2. Crazy feat. Joyride
3. Innervision feat. Gift of Gab
4. Proof of Life
5. Australian Gangster
6. (Skit) A Word from Our Sponsor
7. Wargames feat. Joyride
8. Sunday
9. (Skit) Get Ya Shit Together Tonguey
10. Oxymoron feat. Ngaiire
11. Enforcer feat. Joyride
12. What A Day
13. Sick Of It All
14. Right Words feat. Urthboy and Ngaiire
15. Alternative Energy

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The Tongue is back with a brand-new single The Show taken from his hotly anticipated album Alternative Energy, out Sept 10 on Elefant Traks.
Music video directed by Prad Senanayake for Artifact (