allaussie hip hop spotlight on: Blades Crew

Napoleon once said; “Victory belongs to the most persevering”. Although the Blades boys have never attempted to rule France, emcees Kid Lyrical and Wizardry and DJ Likewyze, along with flexi-member and three times (and current) NSW DMC Champion, DJ Skoob, are taking the James Brown method of musicianship: hard-working and fun as hell!

The band, based in Newcastle, have been setting stages alight the world over with their discerning fusion of hip-hop, dub, crunk and whatever else tickles their fancy; from a much-coveted slot on the Pyramid Rock Festival line-up in 2005, to wowing English crowds (where the lads were the first independent Aussie hip-hop crew to ever play the illustrious Glastonbury Festival in 2008, as well as featuring on Underground United Vol 1, a compilation of hardcore hip-hop alongside Gunshot and Killa Instinct) to firing up the punters in France, Scotland, Germany (where they’ve become cult favourites in the underground scene and featured on the Mass Hysteria Festival line-up), Switzerland and Brazil.

Now that we’ve wet your appetite, what else do you wanna know about the Blades boys? Well, our adept emcees Kid Lyrical and Wizardry are Brazilian Brothers; they’ve had a long history in break dancing and have been writing rhymes and shooting sass since the early nineties and have since adapted their wordplay into Portuguese as well as English. Wizardry even is formerly of local crew Stawm Break Crew, sponsored by Champion, as well as a competitive skater.

It’s not just music, though. Kid Lyrical is a mad activist, holding a Degree in Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology, has been known to stop eighteen-wheel trucks in Victoria in the name of Save the Rainforest whilst activists ambush the truck and hang onto the cargo to stop the load going to its destination. Lyrical is also not averse to sleeping in trees to keep them from getting cut down. The Blades boys remain to this day totally socially conscious and aware; because, well, as they say, “Might as well use your talent for good, eh?”

Aussie actress Abbie Cornish has been known to drop in and help the Blades boys under the names MC Dusk; and, perhaps most remarkably, Blades have released three discs to their name: Blades of Hades (2002, Independent), This Instalment (2006, Obese) and Shadow Art (2008, Steal City Records)
It is with this impressive team and three sterling albums already behind them that Blades drop new single Where The Fire’s At, with an album promised later this year on Difrnt Music/ Universal. What are you waiting for? Get into it!

First Single: Where’s the Fire At – Out Now!
Second Single: One – Due for Release:  5 Oct 2010

Ice Cube (support) – 30 Oct – The Tivoli | Brisbane | QLD
Fat As Butter Festival – 23 Oct – The Newcastle Foreshores | Newcastle