Rappertag: Hunter #8 & The Master #9

This is the 8th installment of rappertag. Hunter from the mighty SBX Crew and The Master.

So far it’s been:
1). 360
2). Urthboy
3.) Brad Strut
4.) Fraksha
5.) Bias B
6.) Newsense
7.) Briggs
8.) Hunter
9.) The Master

To Come:
10.) Hau (Koolism)

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Western Australian emcee Hunter, and his upcoming release with DJ Vame, entitled Monster House. Track list is pretty tight with some big names appering including Raph, Reason, Nick Sweeper, Dyverse, Intalekt and fellow SBX crew members Dazastah and Layla. The album dropped March 5th 2010, available through Obese Distribution. All tracks are produced by DJ Vame. Say A Prayer and the track Unlikely Pairing (featuring Nick Sweepah) are now up on Hunter’s MySpace. You can check those out here.

1. Intro
2. Destined
3. Bring it on Wax
4. Put to the Scimitar
5. Don’t Give a Fuck (Additional vocals by Kelly Hayden)
6. Night out (Additional vocals by Chantal)
7. Say a Prayer
8. Hardcore HipHop
9. Ultrasound (featuring Defyre)
10. Unlikely Pairing (featuring Nick Sweepah)
11. Not What I Am (featuring Dyverse & Intalekt)
12. Monster House (featuring Hunter, Reason, Sinner, Mortar, Axxin the Supernova, Mr Karma, Mistery, Raph, Dazastah, Illergic, Thomas Rock & Layla)
13. Never Trust a Woman (featuring Porsah Laine)
14. Drug Kids (featuring Sinner)
15. Coming Home
16. What I Do Best