Ravenous – 20Ten

To Melbourne’s hip hop community, Raven started with regular visits to Melbourne’s 106.7 PBS FM back in the prime of The Formula, dropping rhymes on Australia’s most respected and long running hip hop radio show. Raven was the producer and one of two MCs from Lost Soulz, a group he founded with Budsa and DJ Perplex.

After honing their stage craft and lyricism in Victoria’s backyards and house parties, Lost Soulz released their highly regarded 2004 debut, Conveyor Belt, and contributed the anthemic Sacrilege to the Nuffsaid Records compilation In Case You Didn’t Know. The group have since made guest appearances on Hospice Crew’s landmark album Visiting Hours and most recently Mankind’s debut IIWII. Raven stepped into the solo arena alongside some of the most original and compelling rappers and producers in Australia representing The Hungry Humans collective.

Raven is now a key member of the Crate Cartel crew featuring recently on label mate Geko’s – Crate Cartel Radio.