HEAT 4 HUNTZ: Massive ebay auction

Are you ready to witness the most amazing collection of local Hip Hop ever listed for auction? The cream of Australia’s talent has pooled together for a once in a lifetime eBay listing, offering some extremely rare & desirable bits n’ pieces from their own collections all in the name of fund-raising for our friend HUNTER-SBX.

The “HEAT 4 HUNTZ” eBay auction begins late Sunday the 7th of November 2010 & hopes to raise a decent amount to donate to the Perth, Western Australian stalwart who is battling with Cancer. 100% of all proceeds of the auction will be donated to Hunter & his son Marley! As a huge fan of the Australian scene, Hunter is an avid collector of the vinyl releases this country has offered, so it’s only fitting we offer a massive selection of some of Huntz faves from over the past 10 years. Most of the pieces on offer are long out of print collectibles with many personalized for this auction by the artist, making the items majorly rare! So…..bid accordingly!

This auction will be run by Wordburner a.k.a. Bias B, so you can trust the auctions will be 100% legit! Click on the link below to see the auctions! HEAT 4 HUNTZ Peers of Hunter’s who’ve donated from their own collections for the cause are:
750 Rebels
Bias B
Brothers Stoney
Def Wish Cast
DJ Bonez
DJ Sheep
Hilltop Hoods
Lazy Grey
Len One
Lyrical Commission
Matty Fresh
Plutonic Lab
Resin Dogs

Please note: this auction ends 10 days from the starting date 7th November. This is a one off event with no repeats on items offered. We’d also love to thank all those who’ve offered their hard earned time, efforts, filed back catalogs & support in getting all of this together in such a short amount of time.

Auction List here.