Bias B feat. Bigfoot & Mixa @ The Prague

For the legion of Melbourne Hip Hop heads that support Australian Hip Hop music, rapper Bias B needs no introduction. Bias B headlines a night of local talent on Saturday November 27th @ The Prague – 911 High Street Northcote.  Support comes from 12 Legged Beast, Call & Response and Klirx. Expect a big night of hard beats and rhymes with giveaways from $15 on the door.

Cardnial Consulting & The Prague presents: Bias B, Bigfoot & Mixa, 12 Legged Beast, Call & Response, Klirx & Mental Az.
When it comes to quality Australian Hip Hop, the most influential name that comes to mind is Bias B. With a career spanning over a decade, he has been at the forefront of the development of the local hip hop scene since the early 90’s. Bias B’s debut release Beezwax not only changed the standard of the local scene but has become a classic and a defining stepping stone in the history of this genre. Bias B then went on to release In Bed With Bias in 2003 and then hit the scene with his 3rd solo in February 2007 entitled Been There Done That featuring the talents of Bigfoot, Dazastah, Bonez and Burna to name a few.

Bias B is an original and leading solo artist who continues to grow and inspire, persistently keeping his music moving forward and constantly staying in tune with the scene. This has allowed him to withstand the test of time and be seen as a major player in the Australian Hip Hop Hall Of Fame. 

The Twelve Legged Beast… A Six Headed, Twelve Armed Hip Hop army brought to life as a live vehicle to
re-interpret and perform the sample based music of Emcee’s Rhythmic Gibberish, Depressed Pest and their collaborative efforts under the RG/DP moniker…. Veteran Melbourne musicians from as diverse genres as Rock, Ska, Jazz, Metal etc… playing as human loop machines laying out the sparse yet full grooves for RG and DP to spit their fire atop of….Guaranteed to get the heads nodding, feet tapping and ultimately… the body moving !!

Melbourne hip hop outfit Call & Response have steadily been leaving their mark on the local scene. The trio have recently released there debut full length album Validated, which showcases the diverse talents of Producer / MC P.R.K. Accompanied on the mic by MC Pete, their indelible rhyme style drops seamlessly over a smorgasbord of head noddin’ sample based beats with flavors for all musical tastebuds, seasoned with the sharpest cuts from DJ Snes

Tickets are $15.

Check the 2nd clip taken from Bigfoots’ new LP Giant Steps OUT NOW & released on Broken Tooth Entertainment thru Obese Distro. Available in all good record stores & online.
Film clip executed by Heata 2010.Beat produced by Bigfoot. Cuts by  DJ Lopsided.

Bigfoot – Crime Wave