Joyride announces debut EP “Chivalrous” – Free Leak

It took God 6 days to create the Heavens and the Earth. On the 7th day God rested, had a few beers, got drunk and accidentally created Joyride.

He took it from there. If the voice of John Legend, the indie beats of Mark Ronson and live amazingness of The Roots were spliced together into a mutant musical prodigy, and then 8 inches was added to his height, his name would be Joyride. The legendary presence and vibe behind the decks of the incredible DJ/producer Joyride is almost dwarfed when compared with his achievements on the live circuit.

As a fixture of hip-hop groups; Spit Syndicate and The Tongue, as well as collaborations with a who’s who of the Aussie hip-hop industry including Urthboy, Horrorshow and Illy, Joyride has long been hinting toward a solo career, vocal harmonizing hints that have had the music industry waiting with baited breath – the wait is over. This Is It, the lead single from the hugely anticipated debut EP Chivalrous is the soulful musings of this one man band; written, recorded and produced by him and him alone and showcasing  this talented multi-instrumentalists’ range, featuring tasty lashings of pop-infused indie-soul.

The crooning jazz sounds angled with a smooth hip hop edge and indie sensibility, This Is It, is thrusting soul funk, leg tapping rock and head bobbing hip-hop at its best.  Ever apparent throughout the track and following EP, it’s not hard to see why Joyride is by many considered the king of genre-free Australian live music, intertwining a succession of styles with flow and ease. Joyride, with his band The Accidents in toe, will be hitting the East Coast this summer to take their infectious live show on the road.

Stay tuned for their run of dates.
For now, enjoy.