Trem Prep First Single From Highly Anticipated Debut Album

“We from a lost land, where the clock’s hands is stopped, before the rot set in, before they shot Scott La Rock, before the shops stocked rap in a section called urban, and every third person’s thinking they’re word surgeons.”

If one man in Australia embodies the mantra of quality over quantity, it’s Melbourne MC and producer Trem One. His decade-long discography encompasses two sought after white label 12”s, two releases with his crew Lyrical Commission, production, raps and oversight on fellow commissioner Brad Strut’s solo releases and a small handful of carefully selected guest verses and production credits. This austerity, combined with the precision of his astute lyricism and economical production has given mythical status to his long-promised, elusive solo album.

Representing the increasingly rare school of hip hop that never lost focus on the art of tightly woundwordplay and devious multisyllabic rhyme schemes, Trem finally unleashes the first salvo from his debut solo full length For the Term of His Natural Life. With exceptional lyrical craftsmanship on display across two murderous verses, the lead single Omega Man finds Trem the last man in a dehumanized, plasticized wasteland, accompanied only by raw, plaintive production from another elder statesman of Melbourne hip hop, Prowla. Recalling a time when the music’s core building blocks were hallmarked by gritty simplicity and unrelenting verbal ballistics, Omega Man is vintage Trem.

For aficionados of true school hip hop, it’s a welcome entry in an almost flawless catalogue.
Packaged with a high quality AAA Alstyle t-shirt featuring the brand new Trem One logo, the strictly limited CD release with vocal, instrumental and acapella versions of Omega Man will be available from and selected stores across Australia from December 17. The tracks will also be available from iTunes.

The video clip for Omega Man visualises the song in high definition subterranean cinema. Executed by Full Clip (Heata & Discourse) and Josh Davis, the clip will debut on December 16 right here for your enjoyment. For the Term of his Natural Life is due early 2011 on Unkut Recordings and will feature production from Trem, Prowla, Beat Butcha and more.