Rappertag #25 – Maundz

This is the 25th installment of rappertag featuring Maundz!

So far it’s been:
1). 360
2). Urthboy
3.) Brad Strut
4.) Fraksha
5.) Bias B
6.) Newsense
7.) Briggs
8.) Hunter
9.) The Master
10.) Hau
11.) Nay
12.) Lotek
13.) 1/6
14.) Suffa
15.) Headlock
16.) Lazy Grey
17.) BVA
18.) Class A MC
19.) The Tongue
20.) Tuka
21.) Drapht
23.) K21
24.) Vents
25.) Maundz

To Come:

A 3 Camera Breakdown of the Maundz Rappertag (25).
Filmed & Edited on 3 cameras simultaneously at the Crate Cartel Leisure Suite by Full Clip (Heata & Discourse) & Josh Davis.

Melbourne emcee Maundz released his full length LP yesterday, titled Mr Nobody. Let us tell you, it’s one you want to get your hands on.  Distributed by Obese, mixed and mastered by Deece at Omni Hieroglyphic StudiosMr Nobody is Maundz’ social commentary on a world that doesn’t seem to have a clue…and boy does it do it well. We caught up with Maundz to have a quick chat about the release of his highly entertaining album Mr Nobody.

Your debut album Mr Nobody dropped only yesterday, how are you feeling about it all?
I feel fucking great man, feels good to have a big load off my shoulders. I got a phone call from Sheriff Rosco yesterday morning congratulating me about the album dropping, and i thought “ohh yeah?, thats today isn’t it?”. It’s turned a lazy man in to a busy man, so im a little behind the 8-ball at the moment.

What kind of reaction do you expect from the heads regarding the album?
I can’t call it, man. I’ve heard nothing but great feedback at the moment from the people who have copped it/ the promo heads and all those good folk. We’ll have to wait until it circulates the traps a bit more perhaps. I’ve gotten props from some of my favourite artists and that shit keeps a fella’s head high.
17 tracks aint a small album, so there’s plenty of room for people to pick and choose what they do and don’t like, but at the end of the day, im feelin all 17 of em, and that’s a big part of what matters, right?

You’ve had some great reviews off the back of the album, Rap Reviews with a classic you aren’t really that angry are ya?

Haha nah I’m all cool mate, just some of the tracks I wrote when I was in a shitty mood got reviewed, we all get them days..
Like Masta Ace said “Mad at the world, mad at you, mad at my girl mad at my friends and anybody drivin’ a Benz”..
People know my music to be humorous, some people might take that the wrong way.

You released a 7″ a few years back on DoubleBeef, did you think that the Mr Nobody album was ever going to happen?
I had days when I didn’t wanna do it, losing files, dude’s going back on their word and all that jazz. I came close a few times to putting it up for a free download or something like that. But fuck it, gotta stick to your guns yeah?

You have a few great features on the album including Shawn Lov, Briggs and Fluent Form do you enjoy the collaborating process?
I like the mixed and mastered result, the anticipation (short-term haha) of what I’m gonna hear and that’s about it. I don’t like chasing people for shit, luckily all the people who threw verses my way, were very professional about things.

Brutally honest, humorous, entertaining and downright gritty to the bone is how a few have described the album, does that sit well with you?

Yeah I like that haha, chuck physically flawless in there and I’ll print it and frame it.

The album in our opinion, is one the best of the year so far. Lyrically entertaining, great delivery and top-notch  production, tell us a bit about the guys on the beats?
Much appreciated !!
I tried not to drop my guard on the album cos I couldn’t have these cats over shadow me too much haha.I love EVERY single beat on this album, man. This is another reason why it probably took so long to come out. People that know me through the music thing know that I am prick of a dude to work with when it comes to choosing beats. I sifted through a lot of other peoples beats including the dudes that were on it and these were the winners in my opinion.
All of those dudes have their own distinct sound, it amazed me how well it all sat next to each other considering there are the tunes of 8 different sets of ears on there.
Whoever the fuck thinks that the bigger name producers will always make a better beat don’t know jack.
Next album I’m sticking to one producer, and that producer being WIK.  Were 6 beats into it already and this dude is a fucking boss!! I can’t keep up!!

Should we expect to see you touring around AUS anytime soon?
Were getting off our lazy backsides and sorting things out at the moment, in the meantime I’m playing all around Melbourne and I should have ADL locked in if all goes to plan. Were coming to your city, hopefully the masses dig the album.

Any last words?
Your just in time for Mother’s Day, people!! Do Mum or Grandma Agnes a favour and give her some of that real Melbourne shit she loves Cheers!! Mr Nobody, out now!