Dialect and Despair x Iller Clothing

Local hip hop kings Dialect and Despair have teamed up with American/UK Clothing label Iller Clothing. The announcement was made on the Iller Clothing website here, with a short shout out and introduction to the the partnership. Look out for some dope music collabs in the future from Iller and D&D. You can check out the Iller announcement below.

Out of Australia, Iller Clothing is proud to announce the addition of Dialect and Despair. This duo of mad talent have exploded into the Australian Hip Hop scene and have taken it by storm. Having met in 2008 and forming up like Voltron, 19 year old Dialect bless the mic with some of the smoothest and conscience knowledge around. “It reminds me of how hip hop used to be”, quotes Indica Jones of Iller Clothing. “These guys are what I used to listen to 20 years ago when hip hop was a true culture and really meant something to the listener”-Indy.
The other half of this amazing duo is none other than Despair. A 6 year veteran of tablism and an off the hook producer. His music comes off with a serious vibe to all that listen and keeps that head knocking for days. A true general in the hip hop realm.

Keep your eyes peeled for up coming music and clothing collabs with Iller and Dialect and Despair.
Also, check out the joint Circus Of Clowns taken from their album called The Vortex. It’s Iller than the rest.

Dialect and Despair-Circus of Clowns.
Click here to download the .mp3 of Dialect and Despair-Circus of Clowns.