Nostalgia Entertainment Presents “The Sampler”

Nostalgia Entertainment have celebrated their recent launch with a FREE Sampler CD.
The nine track CD features Grifters Inc (The Checkout Chicks, Bargirls and Goths EP), Realizm (Nasty Ill Filthy 12″), Dynamic Methods, DJ Faint One and more. It is the first in a three part series from Nostalgia Entertainment.
The Sampler
is just a taste of things to come from this camp. Link for download and hard copy information below.

5 AM

Rescue Me (Sunday)

1. Creative Strangers pt. 1
2. Rescue Me (Sunday)
3. Art Of The ‘L’
4. 5 AM
5. Me & You
6. Downtrodden Superheros
7. Bridge Of Sighs
8. Sheep
9. One Last Cigarette

For hard copies of The Sampler, please email request to
Download link here.