allaussie hip hop spotlight on: Motion

Motion’s involvement in hip-hop began when he hit the scene as a B-boy in 2000. Once realising his skills in freestyling and lyricism, he entered the battle circuit and won virtually every battle held in Adelaide over a 2 year period, winning SA’s MC Battle For Supremacy and ending up as a runner up nationally in 2005.

Motion is a part of Adelaide favourites Adroit Effusive, an 8 man crew that has been active since the early 2000s. He released a demo with fellow Adroit member Bornski called Introducing in 2003, and Adroit soon followed up by releasing the 2 part vinyl EP collection which included crowd favourite Moeshzilla & King Kongseps. The crew recently completed and released The Album, their first full length CD. Motion’s solo joint off The Album has since been nominated for’s Best Track of 2010.

Motion has been involved in music with some of the country’s best and most well known. He was personally recommended for work by the UK’s Mark B and Adelaide’s Delta, landing him a spot on the diabolical 2006 posse cut The End Is Here, featuring Prowla (Nuffsaid) and Trem (Lyrical Commission). His verse was compared to Nas’ first appearance on the Main Source classic Live At The Barbeque. Motion was the first MC to feature on the original Battlehoggs tapes alongside Conseps, inadvertently naming the crew. He recently recorded two standout verses for Dialect & Despair’sThe Vortex, which has been dubbed classic by Australian media and fans alike.

Motion is not only recognised as a talented recording artist, but as having undeniable stage presence. He has stood tall when performing across the globe with names such as Masta Ace, The Beatnuts, Edo G, DJ Premier, Kool Keith, Delta & Mark B, Dedlee, Lyrical Commission, Jehst and Def Wish Cast; amongst many others.

Motion is currently working on The Motion Picture, his debut LP. Due out in 2011, the album is already highly anticipated, being spoken about by some of Australia’s current biggest names. Featuring production from Delta, Simplex (Terra Firma) and P-Body, The Motion Picture is sure to find its place as an Australian classic. In the meantime, you can check for another solid Motion guest verse on Simplex’s solo debut Audio Biography.

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