D’Opus & Roshambo – new album ‘Past Time’ out early April through Mercury Switch/Inertia

Canberra producer & emcee duo D’Opus & Roshambo have teamed up again to bring out their long-awaited second LP Past Time, which includes the promotional single Come Find Out featuring Chanel Cole. The album will be released on April 8 on Mercury Switch Lab through Inertia.

The duo have drawn from a pool of Australian artists to collaborate on songs throughout Past Time, with Hau (Koolism), Muph (Muph & Plutonic), Dialectrix, Scott Burns, and Mdusu all contributing guest verses to the album. Chanel Cole, member of trip hop group Spook, provides her unique voice on the tracks Bring Happiness and Come Find Out. Nearly three years on since their successful last album The Switch, the duo describe the evolution of themes on Past Time:“‘The Switch’ was, for the most part, a kind of story-telling record, soaked in the experience of melancholy, the darkness of regret, and of disappointment in self. This album [Past Time] is drenched in feelings of relief, happiness, contentment, excitement and opportunity. It is a record about moving on and traveling to a brighter future.”

01. All I Need
02. Come Find Out (w/ Chanel Cole)
03. No One (I Can Depend On) (w/ Hau)
04. Sound Is A Weapon
05. Action Montage
06. Left To Right (The D’O Funk)
07. Bring Happiness (w/ Chanel Cole)
08. Addictive (w/ Jeff Hann)
09. My Space (w/ Muph)
10. Run To The Sun (w/ Junior)
11. The Push Over
12. Tell Her No (w/ Mdusu, Scott Burns & Dialectrix)
13. Terrorist Is Us

To celebrate the new album the guys are giving away a free album tune Left To Right (The D’O Funk) thanks to the good people at Inertia. It’s a nice and simple groove, sending dedication to the DJ (in this case Mr. D’Opus himself). We hope you like the tune and please feel free to download it by visiting the link below and share it with your friends.

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