Pegz – Drama (April 8th, pre-order now!)

Rising from a self-imposed hiatus, one of Australian hip hop’s hardest hitting artists returns to the recording fold with his brand new album Drama. With rhymes like ransom letters, the latest is an unrelenting, no-holds barred assault on politics, global issues, Australian life and hip hop. Like the unmistakable voice, Pegz is never one to hold back with the fire, all while maintaining a humorous streak of clever lyricism and biting commentary.

From the opening calling card of Capital P to the Brazilian-influenced flavour of the first single Bombs Away, Drama continues the legacy of the Capricorn Cat by pouring gasoline on the fire lit by Burn City. In the latter, Pegz lets loose the swipes at the rumour mongers trapped in the shadows of those tall poppy fields. When not eviscerating his critics, Pegz takes a soulful look at “working hard, playing hard” in One Day feat. Syrene & Ginger before penning his ode to his recently passed best friend in M-Phazes’ produced Deities of Def.
Featuring some of the best producers in the game, including M-Phazes, Chasm, Jase, Ta-Ku, Simplex and Plutonic Lab, Drama is a producer’s delight, with everything from blues guitars and boom bap to soul and classic hip hop. The roll call of guest vocalists pull their weight with appearances from label mates Dialectrix, Jimmy Nice (of Spit Syndicate), Mantra and Illy. While Joe New reunites the Gully Platoon line-up for both Priceless and the ruckus tune Mad Bastards. In the more soft toned Water Marks, Plutonic Lab’s deep production paints a more reflective tone, buoyed by the contrasting vocal style of soulstress Jess Harlen.

Business man, mentor, artist; Pegz is never a loss for words and rarely holds back from the issues he holds close. He is as unrelenting as he is introspective, always the barometer for truth from the streets of Melbourne, he continues to challenge himself in the ever growing success of Australian hip hop. Like he waxes in the Jase produced Go To Your Head, he never lets the idea of superficial glory consume him- and this is what Pegz has been about since day one.

Track listing:
01. Capital P
02. One Day
03. Bombs Away
04. Deities of Def
05. Go To Your Head
06. Priceless (ft. Joe New, Dialectrx, 2buck)
07. Crime in the City
08. What You In It For (ft. Jimmy Nice, Mantra, Illy)
09. Water Marks
10. Mad Bastards (ft. Joe New, Dialectrix, 2buck)
11. Don’t Look Down
12. Fool’s Gold
13. Blind Man

Production credits:
Track 1: Billy Hoyle
Track 2: Chasm
Track 3: Simplex
Tracks 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13: M-Phazes
Tracks 9, 11: Plutonic Lab
Track 5: Jase
Track 12: Ta-ku

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