Vents – History Of The World (Video)

Brand new single History of the World from Golden Era Record’s artist Vents available now.You can download the Trials produced single via iTunes, which features cuts by Trials’ Theory Of Face hombre Adfu.

Here is what Vents has to say about ‘History of the World’ – “Basically ‘History of the World’ was inspired by me looking back through history and seeing a constant theme which was that of the class divisions within society. Regardless of economic, social or political changes there is a constant theme of one small segment of the population owns the lot and the rest of us have to do all the work. The other aspect, is the idea of war. War for resources and territory, which remains a consistent threat.”

History of the World is the first single from Vents highly anticipated second album Marked for Death which will be in stores and online on May 13, 2011.

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