Born Fresh welcomes its latest signing Mr. Hill with a little rap on the couch..

“I started rhyming when I was about 17 or 18 in a group called Publik Relation with “Seven” (winner of triple J unearthed M-Phazes comp). After a couple of years off from making music, I really wanted to come up with my own sound and uniqueness that I think both Seven and I have found, now that we are making solo music, anyways, this is my music, hope you like it”. – Mr Hill

Mr Hill has emerged as a solo artist after starting his mc career with band Publik Relation with Seven. The two parted ways and the music has been getting better and better from both artists who remain close friends. Since 2004 Mr Hill has been playing shows all around Brisbane for numerous live acts, his confidence on stage and skill developed from these years, early 2010 Mr Hill released a self titled demo, with mostly jacked beats (see below), but one collaboration was with Brisbane producer group Desmond Cheese, the track Saw The Signs struck a chord with the group and three decided to make an entire collaboration album together called The Island due for release at the end of the month.

You can see Mr Hill perform at every Desmond Cheese show.

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