Vents – History Of The World: Refix by Hau from Koolism

OK, here is the story. Hau from Koolism was meant to write a review for Adelaide emcee & Golden Era Records signee, Vents’, new album, Marked For Death (which is out early May) for Triple J Mag. Unfortunately/ fortunately, Golden Era Records sent the single for History of the World instead. On it was the instrumental. So Hau being a fan of the song and an emcee, he naturally wanted to do his thing over it. He had just bought a Rode USB mic to demo stuff up on and here it is.

For the fun & love of making music & paying homage. Original by Vents found on Marked For Death. Refixed by Hau from Koolism.

Download MP3 here.

Since the day I was born , I had worn every stereotype
Like it’s some badge of honour shit, in fact quite the opposite
Weight on my shoulders like an obelisk
While them coppers sit in their rocket ship popping sh*t off their t*ts
Novices at being officers
Standing on top of the oesophagus of little pick pocketers
Combing the metropolis for dark kids
That’s what we call shopping at the black market
Parted ways from the early days
Sent brothers like me to an early grave onto the pearly gates
We’re warne out
Like Elizabeth Hurley’s mate, now it’s a nervous weight
For the generation next up
You’re facin’ kids with less patience and less trust
There’s politics and crime world war in demand
And that’s just on this land — history of the world

They can rob us all blind, but when I take it back it’s crime
You’ll find my indigenous brothers trying to climb
Between the line of … correct channels and, by any means necessary
Cos they’re keen to get every thing owed
To them and their family tree
And it seems like a fantasy
To live this fancy free but instead live angrily
Everyday battle in shackled hands and feet
And this… land ain’t cheap, so to reap rewards
They have to say fuck the demands of the landlord
All the damn corp-orations we’re facin’ with more slick moves than dancefloors 
I’m changing the music, more intelligent and less stupid
Is the best bet, so let’s get to it
Nothing like what you’ve asked for
A little matter of genocide, let it ride — history of the world!

Spending more time with the ones I hate than the ones I love
So when the push comes to shove, the fun is up
When the… thunder comes to swallow up the summer’s sun
The fury’s louder than a hundred guns
I’m a… turn the speaker… up 
Plus a firm believer… in karma
Watch the drama unfold like a sleeping bag
On those trying to keep the people back
Sex, lies & videotape, keeping secrets that
Let the cheaters prosper and feed us crap
Via the news, bias views
But I refuse to lose
But they got police to beat me up, prison to lock me up
Wearing new swastikas
To kill thugs that’s just like me fire away
For the freedom of getting f*cked everyday in the world

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