Bias B – Biaslife (Drops: May 27, 2011)

If you aren’t reading Bias B’s name in the history of the local Hip Hop scene, you must be reading the wrong history.
Bias B has been an unrelenting presence on the Australian Hip Hop scene spanning over decades. The Melbourne Hip Hop innovator returns to the mic with another tenacious testament to his craft in the form of Biaslife.

The 5th solo release to his name, Biaslife solidly exhibits a maturity and discernment only obtainable after time, persistence, and unrequited dedication to one’s art. Bias has come a long way since his pioneering debut album Beezwax in 1998, just like his local scene. Although Aussie Hip Hop is expanding and changing around him, Bias still continues to hold his own as one of the first, and one of the best.

The album credits an array of seasoned artists such as Lazy Grey and Len One, Bigfoot, Ciecmate, Fluent Form, Maundz, and Eloqour. The soothing vocals of Joyride and Tali are featured, as well as production mastery from the legendary Lazy Grey, DJ Bonez, Doc Felix, The Statesmen, Aux One, Geko and Discourse.
Midlife, the first single from the album, is illustrative of Bias’s constant battle to find equilibrium between family and artistry. With outstanding production by DJ Bonez accompanied by the soulful voice of Joyride on the hook, Midlife epitomizes that classic Bias B sound.

In comparing Bias’s past works to Biaslife, the new album stands alone when it comes to subject matter. Steering away from a comfort zone of local Hip Hop politics, Bias B has chosen this time to delve into broader themes. Exploring world issues in the Doc Felix produced When I Sleep and reflecting on the tragedy of suicide in How Did I End Up Here, whilst also expressing a love for life in tracks like In Love With The Music and Whenever You Need Me (dedicated to the mother of his two children).
The release of Biaslife will be accompanied by a national tour from June through to August.

Track Listing
1. In Love with the Music
2. Midlife
3. When I Sleep
4. How Did I End up Here
5. That Feeling
6. Melbourne City
7. Here I Come
8. Drop a Thought
9. Runnin’ the Track
10. Rap Life
11. Whenever you Need me
12. The Last Song

Released By: Wordburner Records
Distributed By: Obese Records
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