Can You Dig It? In Good Company, Matte Blac, T-Bar & more!

Head on down to The Workers Club for Can You Dig It? Hip Hop Showcase in Melbourne this Thursday night. Featuring: In Good Company (Whisper. Syntax, Breach), Matte Blac, Vintage Seed & T-Bar. This is going to be a massive night, so head down for some of the freshest hip hop in Melbourne.

In Good Company
Bluntly, each an accomplished recording artist in their own right, four Melbourne musicians have joined forces to create a free downloadable album for a clambering fast paced audience that is slowly becoming apathetic to the notion of the local music industry. Each with years of industry experience behind them, In Good Company sets the benchmark for wide reaching collaboration projects for the next generation of budding young musicians. And so welcome Whisper, who alongside Obese Records signee Mantra reigned supreme in the Melbourne live circuit as the hip hop duo Equills. Whisper recently smashed his way back onto the local scene with Stand Up, the highly charged M-Phazes produced single from his forthcoming debut album; a single that clocked up an impressive two thousand youtube spins in its first week of release. Also welcome A-Diction, who after collaborating with some of the most prolific producers in the Australian hip hop industry who dropped their long awaited album Walking Alone, an album that is testament to the tried and true notion that the best things in life take a little extra time. Individually they are Boltz and Breach; Boltz, the charismatic crooner who is well known for his Soulmate Records release The Wishlist, and Breach, the punchline fuelled fury that brightens up any room like a blast of audible fresh air. Lastly welcome Syntax, one third of the celebrated QLD hip hop group Trace Elements, the group that spawned one of this country’s most notable producers; M-Phazes. With ten years of industry experience, over 30,000 downloads, and a fierce live reputation, Syntax simply adds fuel to the already stocked burning furnace that is In Good Company. His debut album The Musical available from Soulmate Records was highly noted, Syntax is one talented mother fucker. Stay tuned for his upcoming Death Stars release with Mules of Choose Mics fame.Together the four musicians have created a bond that is reminiscent of some of the most note worthy groups in hip hop history, and featuring a stellar production line up consisting of M-Phazes, Mules (Choose Mics, Hyjak & Torcha), Ciecmate, J Squared, Lewis One, ATP (Beatkamp Muzik) and Whisper, In Good Company will do more than wet the whistles of the eager hip hop loving market, it will forge itself as the standard for all collaborative projects for years to come.

 Matte Blac
An MC with a passion for dynamic wordplay and sweet rhythms is set to release his solo mixtape, The Colour Of Sound. For his keen sense of social trends and world events, Matte is one who understands great lyrics, no backpedaling into tired metaphores each rhyme makes you think just hard as the previous. Each and every line delivered has been painstakingly brought to perfection of recording and re-recording and even rewrting in the studio, this is nothing short of special. Matte is one half of well known Burn City crew Mixed Alliance who recently released they’re mixtape Mixed Business.

As a born story-teller, it’s no surprise that Melbourne MC, T-Bar, loves the world of aussie hip hop. While he wouldn’t mind a slice of the money, fame and attention that so many of today’s artists crave, T-Bar’s main aim is to change people’s perception of what hip hop actually is. “There are just way too many people out there who presume rappers are violent, cocky, misogynistic troublemakers. Some don’t even know hip hop exists in Australia and I feel like it’s about time that artists like Urthboy, the Tongue, Pez, Joelistics, Solo and Seth Sentry started getting recognised as the incredible talents that they are by people outside of the hip hop community” T-Bar says.

According to T-Bar “writing lyrics started as a hobby…my best mates, Matte Blac and Paddy G from Mixed Alliance, were writing and performing these funky tracks at shows and my girlfriend, Kimberley Smith, is a trained singer with such an incredible voice”. Being surrounded by so much talent inspired T to pick up a pad and pen and begin writing rhymes. Before long T-Bar was writing, recording and performing fully formed tracks filled with his personal views regarding money, politics, social trends and modern life. T-Bar has one more track to record from his debut, soon-to-be-released Piece of Mind Mixtape. The release has 12 infectious tracks sure to get your head nodding, feet moving, and maybe even your voice singing. To give you a taste of what’s to come, take some time to listen to one of his favorite tracks Tick Tock and be on the lookout for the Piece of Mind Mixtape, dropping real soon.


Tickets: $8 – Can’t lose!