Dry July – Month For Huntz

Some of the biggest names in local hip-hop, led by Perth man of the moment Drapht, formed a Dry July team in support of their compatriot, Robert “Huntz” Hunter who is battling terminal cancer. The initiative, which raises funds for adult cancer sufferers, ends today, and the group of musicians who have called themselves Month for Huntz have raised the most money in WA so far, with $10,572.53.

Hunter, once known as the hard man of local hip-hop with a penchant for heavy drinking and drug- taking, is one of a new generation of digital communicators who, through his YouTube raps about his fight, daily tweeting and video diaries, has become a powerful voice for cancer sufferers and Australian music.

So powerful that Periscope Pictures is filming Hunter: The Documentary, using his engagement with new digital storytelling media, combining them with traditional observational documentary and interviews about his troubled past, music and transition to being sober. The documentary crew continue to follow Hunter’s journey, uncovering powerful human themes of redemption and forgiveness, and an inspiring love affair with music that has defined his life.

Makers of the documentary submitted a proposal to the ABC this week.

To check out the Month For Huntz profile head here.

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