Trem – For The Term Of His Natural Life: Pre Orders Live

So for those looking to have a copy of Trem’s – For The Term Of His Natural Life sent direct to your door by the 7th October, or want to ensure you lock down part 1 of the Artist series tees, check Unkut Recordings to secure a pre order now! The shop is now taking orders to ship on the 5 – 6th.

The site had a slight meltdown during initial upping of the preorders with the amount of heads trying to score a piece but things have smoothed out a little. If your looking to grab a pre, please read the disclaimer on the news page first (here), it will aid you in a smoother transaction and hopefully avoid any down the line issues!!!

Also if you want Trem’s nom-de-plume plasted on there (although it is already his handstyle on the cover!) Be sure to write “signed” in the message section mid Paypal transaction. It might be worth keeping in mind he will be doing some instore style listening parties in a couple cities in the next few coming weeks and will be more than happy to personalize that shit then. If thats your thing it might be worth holding off?? Not too mention they all come shrink wrapped and signed copies will have to be shelled…
The CD and limited stocks of merch will be available to purchase from stores on 7th October so please hit up your local indy specialist if the Paypal route is not your thing. Its real important that everyone support the local stores where applicable, they were there for us before any of the majors knew this shit existed! A full list of stockists will come soon.

We also have limited edition T-shirt packs available. The Tees are the 1st in a limited edition artist series that sees graff artists collab with Trem for the release. Episode 1 in the series has a Linz aka L.Roc hand crafted ill crown on the front with the inscription “Defend the throne til the walls fall…” a direct quote from the Trem track Kings Court featured on the album. These will not last long. A limited amount amount will be available from us here and a handful distributed to indy stores for release with the CD. The follow up episodes are on there way so collectors get in asap.

All Trem CD’s/merch purchased comes with Trem One stickers. We are also running a competition for the dopest sticker placement. Slap yours in the illest spot and grab a flick and email it to – the craziest, flyest, inventive spot (judged by Trem himself!) gets a special Trem pack featuring some rare Trem/Unkut goodies!

Also a reminder to vinyl heads, the 2xLP should be available within 6 weeks… Grab the CD or cop it on itunes to tie you over in the meantime! The CD also comes with a 16 page booklet including all tracks lyrics!!!

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