Reason – Window Of Time (Nov 4)

The moment of truth has arrived; and the legacy left behind by Reason will further be entrenched within the history of hip hop. Window Of Time drops November 4th 2011, and shall lay testament to Reason’s two and a half decades of dedicated service…

In typical Reason style, there are guests aplenty throughout the album. Those sharing mic duties include Lazy Grey, Bias B, Hau, Dialectrix, Hunter, Iron Braydz, Lotek, AJ, Joyride, KYE, Mdusus, Rachel Berry & Rappaport. The album is blessed with superb production from Suffa, Debris, Debate, Mdusu, Geko & WIZDM.

Stay tuned for more information on the release and soon to be announced national tour. In the mean time check out RapperTag #42 below. Reason was also recently added to the Jump Off bill. Check out more on that here.

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