Reason – Window Of Time

Reason’s Window of Time is the final solo effort of his pioneering career, a true testament to his twenty plus years of dedication to Australian hip hop and reflective of his journey thus far. Window of Time, in essence, is intended to open minds and expose its listener to a mélange of historical, situational and currently pressing themes.

Reason, both a school teacher and youth workshop facilitator, takes actualities to words with the intention of inspiring positive action. The album’s conceptual roots are of a worldly emphasis in contrast to the artists previous releases that were more indicative of his local scene. From the ferocity of Rep the Legacy featuring Lazy Grey, to the dark soundtrack-esque tones of Action featuring Lotek, and the sonorous sentiment within I Want featuring Suffa; Window Of Time is an engaging exhibition of melodic texture.

Title track Window of Time epitomises Reason’s passion for history, and the importance of education in everyday life personifying the idea of ‘words from a teacher’. Run Tingz featuring AJ (UK) and Iron Braydz (UK), is an impressive exchange between three emcees from different walks of life, the track demonstrates the unifying effect of shared passion. We Come From An Era featuring Hau (Koolism, triple J’s hip hop show), is a generational sift through the idiosyncrasies which defined the times from which the two emcees grew up.

‘There is music for all generations throughout the release. Conceptually, the album is for the youth, party goers, intelligentsia, the purists and the recent graduates to this very unique sound. I’ve taken my time, spent painstaking hours refining my lyrics, requesting musical changes and thus the process has in short, been a worthy experience. Like a top shelf scotch, it often takes time for maturity to be achieved.’ – Reason 

In typical Reason style, there are guests aplenty throughout the album. Sharing mic duties are world class emcees and vocalists including Lazy Grey, Bias B, Hau, Dialectrix, Hunter, Iron Braydz (UK), Lotek (UK), AJ (UK), Joyride, KYE, Mdusu, Rachel Berry & Rapaport. The album credits superb production from Suffa, Debris, Debate, Seanie B, Mdusu, Simplex, Geko & WIZDM. The metaphorical Window of Time brings the career of this pioneer and veteran of the Australian scene full circle, as Reason takes on all before him with one last, heartfelt and monumental contribution to a scene by which he has helped to create.

Track Listing
01. Let the Games Begin
02. Kosher
03. Action feat. Lotek
04. Youth feat. Cammee
05. Truth feat. Dialectrix, Bias B & Joyride
06. Window of Time
07. I Want… feat. Suffa
08. Run Tingz feat. AJ (U.K.), Iron Braydz (U.K.) & Fraksha
09. We Come From an Era feat. Hau
10. Dedicate
11. Backyard feat. Hunter & Rappaport
12. Rep the Legacy feat. Lazy Grey
13. The Interlude
14. Don’t believe feat. Rachael Berry
15. Many Stylesfeat. Mdusu & Kye
16. Rewind
17. The Final Siren

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