DeadBeatSociety X RunRoyal.Com

DeadBeatSociety in association with present a limited edition free download. Premiere underground Brisbane hip hop artists DeadBeatSociety are set to drop their debut self titled release and fall nothing short of delivering hip hop heat hotter than what’s cookin in Hells Kitchen.

With initial members Dirt Dex, Twitch The Hatred and Juelz Vega forming the crew in early 2008 they quickly hit their straps developing a hellsworthy unique sound; and since joining forces with Pi Emc3e, P.Butta and Tendancee (Pure Product) shortly thereafter they’ve taken their rightful place in the game as the formidable crew to be reckoned with .. particularly when it comes to blazin stages.

Originally inspired by the classic boom bap sounds of nineties grade golden era hiphop, the crew have also drawn influences from the likes of Wu Tang, Jedi Mind Tricks & Non Phixion to name just a few. Touting 5 MC’s the crew is lyrically heavy to say the least. Backed by producer Dirt Dex delivering the grimey soulfilled beats that gets ya heads noddin and flanked by co-producer and manager Chubz (4zzz Phattape Hip Hop Show), DeadBeatSociety has that sound & raw hiphop essence that stops you dead in yo step. The real grave razin shit.

Having appeared alongside international and national acts of the highest calibre such as Onyz, Ill Bill, Evidence, 750 Rebels, Bigfoot, Kings Konekted, Ciecmate, Mata & Must, Tornts, Dialect & Dispair, the Deadbeats crew are certainly building an unhealthy gathering of fiendin supporters and are guaranteed to raze hell through 2011 and beyond.

Track listing
1. I Hear Things
2. You’ll See
3. Check Check One Two
4. Fuck I’m Ill Cunt
5. What Would I Do?
6. Raze Hell
7. Shine
8. Same Ol Same
9. Call It Flames
10. Vagina Dialogue

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