Exclusive: Sky’high Interview

Sky’high is Australia’s most compelling hip hop artist yet who displays a raw and aggressive style born from the gutters of Sydney. Tough as nails from a glance but catch a glimpse of that disarming smile and you get a hint there’s a lot more to this character than meets the eye.

Sky’high drops another taste from her upcoming Forever Sky High EP. P-Money provides the killer Don Dada beat for Sky to rip apart with raw lyrics and that signature Sydney flow.

aahh: Your first ‘official’ track ‘Look At Me Now’ has gained a lot of attention, with spins on Triple J and Channel V. Did you expect this kind of reaction? 
Sky’high: To be honest I expect more but that’s just me as an artist always wanting to be bigger than I am already! I get reminded that it’s my first official song out so to have this much attention early on is a good starting point and with time I hope to see my clips get a whole heap more views. 

aahh: The clip that accompanied ‘Look At Me Now’ was directed by the internationally acclaimed, multi-disciplinary artist Askewone who perfectly captured all that encompasses Sky’high as person and MC. Would this be an accurate statement?
Sky’high: Shout out Askewone I was honoured that he created and directed my first video. He did an awesome job and captured me to a ‘T’, he is a truly unique individual. It was good being able to film around my neighbourhood and also feature some of my girls in the video too it was a great experience.

aahh: There’s been a lot of talk about your life growing up in Sydney, and how it shaped you in to the person you are today. Amongst all that other stuff, What was it about hip hop that captured you attention? 

Sky’high: Yeah my upbringing was a bit crazy but I am still living and breathing so I can’t complain. For me Hip Hop was there when no one else was and gave me an outlet to express myself as a person.

aahh: Do you see the positive aspects of hip hop help people in your local community?
Sky’high: Yeah I have got free clothes out of it hahaha. On a serious note as above Hip Hop was there when no one else was, I know a lot of cunts in my community who agree with me on that.

“Never ever been lesser than a Don Dada!”

aahh: Now we are here to talk about the premiere of your latest film clip for the banging track titled “Don Dada”. Tell us a bit about the clip? 
Sky’high: Its live and deadly LOL! Askewone again did this clip and I flew out to Auckland to record this in the studio in front of a green screen so it was completely different from “Look At Me Now”. It was fun to do I got to wear and keep a whole heap of nice clothing so I can’t complain! This was the first track I actually recorded with P-Money in New Zealand straight off the bat…bam I’m a fucking DON DADA! DON DA DON DONDA DON DADA!!

aahh: We hear your quite difficult to work with and that P-Money has quite a bit of patience, would you say that it was the perfect match? 
Sky’high: Difficult to work with as in how? I wrote and recorded a 7 track EP in 4 days with 2 days notice most cunts would find that difficult to accomplish. Is it because other people can’t keep up? I’m not difficult to work but I can be unpredictable as fuck and I suppose some people can’t handle that but that’s me. For someone like P-Money time is money and I don’t like to waste people’s time. 

aahh: Tell us a little about what the heads can expect from you over the coming months?
Sky’high: I got a 7 track EP ready to roll but I will be releasing a few songs with videos before it drops. In the New Year I will be looking to hit the road and perform some shows before releasing my debut album sometime in 2012. Keep an eye out.

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