ADL – FTTOHNL Clinic 116 Party Wrap

By Trem1 – Wow! – Another crazy turnout this time in the city of churches. A couple weeks ago saw an amazing day at Clinic 116 with plenty heads, old and new swingin thru to cop the albs, have a beer &  snag, check the visuals, get some shit signed and basically join in the festivities to help celebrate the album release.

Super duper shout out to Justin & the Clinic 116 massive for hosting a great day, my mans Delts & Motions for keepin the decks in check, Vans The Omega, Palmsy, Erbs & Ironlak for supplyin the slammin opticals, Snag Master Lewps n Paws for keepin the hotplates sizzlin, Selina, Leigh & Faz for capturing the moments on cam, Derringers, Jade Monkey and of course all of you who swung thru to say waddup throughout the arvo! Good times chillin with some new friends and re-aquainting with the old! Thanks for the supreme show of support ADL, I cant wait to hit back with the liveness early next year! Heavy duty shout to the homeboy who rolled thru requesting the tags on the VN Commodore and the fresh L.C Leg tat! Much Respect! 

Check a few of pics courtesy of Selina Miles

The Futures Bright!

Mighty Moesh, Trem & Delts

Vans N Palms

Vans the Omega & The Omega Man

Me n Mark 1

With Erbs Who Flexed The Trem Piece On The Day

Lyrical Mongrels

Erbs Reflecting

Scene Of The Crime

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