Review: Dazed – Rest In Syn 7″

There have been a few must have 7″ poppin’ off this year and here’s another to add to the collection. Melbourne Emcee & Producer Dazed, recently dropped a cracker titled Rest In Syn. This limited release, collectors edition vinyl features two deadly tracks from Sydney based artists with his Dazed’s own inimitable production.

Rest in Syn is a record that explores this great big, unknowable, inexpressible ride we’re on – and looking back with gratitude to the past and sheer amazement at where our travels have taken us. This theme takes us to the opening track of Side A, No Regrets featuring Sydney’s powerful Bingethinker, Rinse. This impressive track imagines how different life could be if things had taken a different turn. The track features an instant classic Trem vocal sample, folded over an amazing backdrop of strings and crisp drums. Rinse threads his lyrics like a true craftsman, creative and skillful. Dazed sets off on this track with some beastly production, with the clear thought in mind of vinyl being the end product. This track yearns to be played on that platter… even though you do score a free digital download of the album with every purchase.

“What if I be born in the 90’s, would I wear tight jeans, and white slippers instead of a pair of Nike’s…”

The contrasting Side B of Rest In Syn, holds another massive track in King Killaz featuring another Sydney crew in Grand Arkiteks. This ominous sounding track will sneak up on you in the dark and snap your neck. With its dark synths and drawn bass line, Dazed flex’s his dynamic production skills with ease and sense of maturity. Grand Arkiteks obliterate the mic with each of their respective verses, while asking questions of those who hold power and governmental control.

To put it simply this is a 7″ with two dope as tracks. Dazed has proven his talent on this one and we’ll be on the look out for his next effort.  Dazed – Rest In Syn earns a cracking 4.7 out of 5. Grab one or two if you still can… With all purchase’s you also get a DFTC remix, instrumentals and accapellas. $15 well spent.

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