Mantra – Voodoo Music Official Video

In contrast to the lyrical introspection prominent in revered first single Got Me Wrong (featuring Parvyn Kaur Singh) (Triple J’s most requested song in the week following its release), Voodoo Music is essentially a celebration of Mantra’s aptitude for wordplay and metaphor.

Crediting the production genius of young Melbourne wiz-kid Abstrakt with cuts from DJ Wasabi, Voodoo Music is characterized by its rupturing bass and pan flute-esk synths bringing Mantra’s audaciously swaggering flow to new heights.

One of the albums most bangin’ beats for sure. Produced by young buck Abztrakt, this track is all about the flow. I got really funky and loose with my rhyme patterns, trying to put as much movement in my vocal rhythms as possible. Theme-wise, the track is full of wordplay, much of it based around voodoo and black magic.’ Mantra

Upcoming Mantra Shows For 2011:
-Blah Blah Blah Music Festival, Brisbane, December 28th – Tickets
-Pyramid Rock Festival, Philip Island, December 31st – Tickets 

Directed by: El Davros for Cartel Film Production
Produced by: Katherine Cooke
Post Production by: ALT.VFX

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