Muph & Plutonic 2011 Wrap Up

2011 has seen Muph & Plutonic hit stages again, playing Come Together, Essence, Reconciliation, Life’s A Beach festivals as a stripped back two piece with Plutonic on drums & Muph on the mic.

They then hit the road on the national Party, Party, Party tour with Drapht throughout September / October. Plutonic continues to find extra hours in the week with his list of production credits continuing to reinforce his as one of the best & most prolific Australian beat producers in the game. Drapht, Gully Platoon, Horrowshow, Resin Dogs, TZU, Hilltop Hoods have all chosen to work with Plutonic Lab, and most recently he has collaborated on albums with Dialectrix, Pegz, G Love, Speech Debelle, Jess Harlen to name just a few.

His music can be heard in films and TV worldwide. Not content to only sit in the studio, Plutonic has been perched behind his drum kit on national tours with the Resin Dogs, G Love, Koolism and has most recently joined the Hilltop Hoods as their live drummer supporting Eminem on his recent Australian tour.

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