DVNT Clothing

DVNT INC. originated in 2008 as a movement against the stale, boring, repetitive clothing being forced upon the youth of today. DVNT is now stocked in 20+ stores throughout QLD and NSW and constantly growing. The guys work tirelessly towards building DVNT into the godzilla street wear brand they have always envisioned it could be.

Doug, Luke & AJ are the three guys behind the DVNT label. They each pride themselves on the quality of their goods and pay close attention to the finer details that other brands often overlook. DVNT aim’s to create diverse ranges with a variety of styles and designs that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. By mixing controversy, a deviated twist, and stand-out designs the lads ensure you’re always clothed in something you’ll love and be proud to wear. The label is constantly striving to ensure only the best fabrics, highest quality tags, packaging and printing methods are used. Only the best embroidery and workmanship is accepted and the inks are lightweight and breathable to ensure the shirts are super comfortable without that ‘heavy‘ feel.


DVNT  like to produce shirts that appreciate art and have more detail and depth than the majority of mainstream brands that are being stocked out there. There’s only so many logo t-shirts that can be produced and DVNT do not want to bore their consumers with this repetitive style. “Logo shirts are the easy way out once brands start getting lazy” says Doug (Creative Director at DVNT). DVNT creates a lot of artwork in-house however, they also aim to work with new and exciting artists in every range. “Not only does this help keep our collections fresh it also provides a ‘wearable canvas’ for various artists to showcase their work. So far we have worked with various local artists and also artists from all over the world“. 

Eventually DVNT want’s to expand into the female fashion world and continue to grow the collective creative knowledge. DVNT have previously dipped into the female market with a few printed singlets for the ladies. However, DVNT doesn’t tend to do things by halves. As Doug states “When we decide we are ready to delve back into the female market we will release an entire collection include cut-and-sew garments such as shirts, dresses and and shorts etc.” For now however, male clothes are the main focus.

DVNT is fast becoming a popular name in Australian Streetwear. The brand is fastly gaining a steady following with no intention of slowing down soon. 

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