Last Credit – Self Titled Album

It all began as a zany scheme. Two heavy metal fans who couldn’t play guitar, who couldn’t sing, drums? fuggedaboutit. Rap? why not. Last Credit are Jaius Maxwell Constantine and Reverend Maekism Oswald, you can now download their self titled LP for free by following the download link below.

2004: Maekism had tried his luck as a rapper, ammusing friends and offending workmates. Not long after JMC joined him in similar circumstance but in reverse.
2005: The duo came up with Last Credit. Unsuccesful group names include: “The Stormtroopers”, “Willy Wanker and the Chocolate Experience”, “Death-Thrush” and “Lisp-Service”. By the end of the year they slap together a mixtape titled “Destroying Empires”.
2006: After playing to mostly Punk crowds, Last Credit link up with Sydney label Nurcha Records and form a working relationship that eventually results in a deal.
2007: After perfroming with the likes of Funkoars, Def Wish Cast, Bias B, Pegz and more, The Credit drop their debut LP, Breakfast of Champions in August. Rave reviews ensued…
2008: They rerelease their whole LP online for FREE, remixed with rock and heavy metal classics, titled Metaltape.
2009: Saw the boys take a (not so much) needed break from the scene.
2010: So much breaking…
2011: Gigs? yeah sure why not, as a matter of fact why don’t they work on more material.

2012: Long awaited self titled Last Credit album is finally release online for FREE. Ears around the world fall pregnant instantly.

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