‘Obesecity 2’ – 10 Year Anniversary Edition – Get your track on the album!

In 2002 the genre was benchmarked by the release of Obesecity. The compilation channeled the strength and unity of a developing sub-culture. A mass collaboration, the release included exclusive tracks from artists now revered as the most influential pioneers in a booming industry.

Hilltop Hoods, Koolism, Reason, Terra Firma, Pegz, the late and great Hunter all contributed from across the country uniting crews and their fans. Since then Australian hip hop has come a long way. 2012 sees it as highly diverse, easily accessible, constantly evolving, always moving forward.

Obesecity 2: 10 Year Anniversary Edition (release date June/July 2012), will showcase established and up and coming breakthrough artists handpicked from across the country. For all involved the dual-disc compilation will provide a unique opportunity to share in the bigger picture, to be part of the collective by sharing skills with a reputable media network and a hungry fan base. This time around Obese Records is proud to announce that two track positions will be left open to the general public!

Up-and-coming unsigned hip hop artists Australia wide are encouraged to take part in this inaugural project by submitting their own individual track exclusive to the release. Stay tuned for weekly announcements including the unveiling of Obesecity 2: 10 Year Anniversary Edition artists, competition winners and more! 

For competition guidelines and further information visit:
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