Cam Bluff Interview: Real Beats

After both artists had been doing their own things respectively, (Cam Bluff & 4thVegas Aces linked up officially mid 2010 and have been creating buzz ever since. The two have been crafting their sophomore EP at the same time as well as trail-blazing the live show circuit with many incredible acts such as Spit Syndicate, Illy, 360Seven and Mr Hill just to name a few.

We hear that Vegas Aces will be aiming to release a free EP at the end of the month, can you tell us a bit about this project?
Well this project has been in the making for the last 8 months. Its going to consist of 7 tracks and will be dropping May 7 for free download. Its going to be called Departure. We came up with the title after we noticed the change in the way we where making music. It refers to departing from what people know our sound as. We want to show people that we can be diverse. The last Ep consisted of the same attributes. This release is going to focus on many diverse and different aspects of todays hip hop, showcasing our talents as both artists and individuals.

The first tastes we’ve seen from this EP included the track Vs Up. Will the EP showcase a diverse range of your production styles or will it be similar to the Vs Up track?
The whole EP has a fresh, innovative, diverse approach to todays australian hip hop sound. We’ve tried to incorporate many sounds from all aspects of what makes hip hop enjoyable, same goes with the lyrics and song arrangements. You could say we have incorporated more electronic aspects to our songs.

Is there a plan for a full Vegas Aces LP?
We are currently working on an album and we are hoping for a late 2012 early 2013 release. I guess the EP will set the tone for the album.

You recently finished up touring with 360 on his ‘Boys Like You’ Tour which saw you hit a heap of stops around the country, what was that tour like?
The tour was incredible, every show brought something new to the table. It’s always fun touring with the Born Fresh Crew and we always bring it. I’ve got mad respect for 60. A lot of people neglect the fact that he is an ever evolving artist. His material is always fresh and interesting. Big things coming for the man.

While on the 360 subject, you also released the official remix of the 360 – Boys Like You. How did that come about?
I actually approached Flagrant in relation to wanting to release a remix. He mentioned this track along with a few others, though I decided to move forward with Boys Like You. We had previously released the Hearts A Mess Remix with 360 a few months prior, so I thought it would be fitting to drop this.

You’ve also started working with the ‘Business Man’ DJ Nate Flagrant, tell us a little about whats in store from this brilliant partnership?
We have a few things on the cards at the moment but can’t discuss anything just yet. We’ve been slowly branching into the US, so everyone should start to see some tracks coming out of that part of the world soon. He’s been a huge help during these last 12 months we’ve spent working together.

You’ve also got a beat EP in the works, tell us about that and where do you find the time to fit all of this in?
I’ve actually had this idea for a while now though. I’m actually going to try to drop something towards the end of the year. I might be getting some help on it from another up and coming producer, but more on that later. Man, working full-time and fitting all this in really takes it out of you.

You recently travelled over to the US. How was that experience?
The states were amazing. I initially went over my girlfriend lives there. Got to spend some time in Philly, which is an incredible city. The highlight would have had to have been NY. I got the privilege of meeting because Phat Garry (manager for DJ Premier). We met up in Headquarterz studios in Manhattan and spent the day going through the bulk amount of my beats, talking shop, and discussing the nitty-gritty of the business side of the music industry. It was crazy sitting there playing all my shit in the same room where all my influences and idols once stood and came from. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year and for the start of 2013?
I’m actually working very closely with The Tongue on his next release due out early 2013. Keep an eye out for new Spit Syndicate, Illy and Sky’high. I’ll be involved on all projects with plenty more to drop by the end of this year. I’ll also be making the move to Melbourne in early 2013 to work closer with Flagrant and to focus more on my music production and relationships with fellow musicians.

We may have asked you this briefly last time we talked, but let us know what gear you are using at the moment?
I’m using Ableton Live, Native Instruments, Novation Key 49, Akai MPC 2000xl, and a shit load of software synths and plugins.

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