Def Wish Cast – Evolution Machine

Def Wish Cast are back in full force with the release of their 20th Anniversary album, Evolution Machine! Always staying true to the culture, DWC utilize Hip Hop’s purist elements to transport us through time and space. This is futuristic B-boy funk at its finest! 

Production is handled by M-Phazes, Plutonic Lab, DJ JS1, Katalyst, Resin Dogs, Dizz1 plus more, and features a stack of guests, including Thomas Rock on vocoder, Joyride, Tom Thum, Thvy Ear, Spikey Tee, and more. Def Wish Cast – Evolution Machine  is available May 18th on Creative Vibes

Track list: 
01. Entry feat Tom Thum (prod by the Human Beatbox Tom Thum)
02. Evolution Machine (prod by Plutonic Lab)
03. Dun Proppa (prod by Resin Dogs)
04. Rock On (prod by M-Phazes)
05. Preparing For Re-Launch (prod by DJ Sing & DJ Skizo)
06. I Can’t Believe It feat Thavy Ear (prod by DJ JS1)
07. The Possibilities feat Joyride (prod by Sereck)
08. Hard Times feat Scotty Mac (prod by DJ Vame)
09. Day Tripper feat Spikey Tee (prod by Dizz1)
10. Rap vs Hip Hop (prod by DJ Sing & DJ Skizo)
11. Rhyme Animalz (Scientific Mix) (prod by DJ Murda 1)
12. One Destination feat Andre Kaman (prod by JP & Brass)
13. Forever feat Sye McRitchie (prod by Katalyst)

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