Maundz – Maundzilla

Straight out of Melbourne city comes one of the Nation’s most talked about MC’s, Maundz, ready to unleash his highly anticipated sophomore LP titledZero upon the masses. Flying the flag high for the scenes undeniably most hyped up emerging independent force that is Crate Cartel, Maundz is joined by fellow Cartelian and beat smith extraordinaire WIK for the entirety of what is sure to be heralded as one of the country’s slickest hip hop releases to date. 

Wik, having proved his skills behind the sp1200 in recent local releases, has collected an eclectic slew of head nodders for and neck snappers for Australia’s most promising up and coming MC to get funky on.

Known for spitting with effortless conviction and a love for all things vernacular orientated, Maundz has yet again delved deep into the A4 to bring his unique and charismatic presence over dirty bass lines, big breaks and dusty samples provided from Wik, all while maintaining the humour and honesty that has earned him nationwide respect.

Tracks such as March The 10th and Slang Rap form vivid storyline’s over Wik’sincomparably smooth production, while Maundzilla paints a much different picture asMaundz gets crafty on some double-time, providing a dark tale of a 100 foot high menace stomping through the city over two Godzilla inspired bangers. Not ones to shy away from topic, Wik and Maundz have shown diversity with a number of different concept tracks throughout album, and have had no qualms about going in on the battle joints which Maundz is prolifically known for.

Zero is littered with a who’s who of hip hop from Australia and abroad, featuring collaborative efforts from New Yorks number one man of the moment Action Bronson, ARIA award winning DraphtGolden Era’s Vents and Sesta, Melbourne kings Brad Strutand Bias B, and of course Crate Cartel. The underlay for these MC’s is a bevvy of live instrumentation complemented with slick samples, the way hip hop should be done. Welcome to the world of Zero, kick off your shoes and relax your socks, Wik andMaundz are out for gusto.

The album has had a lot of live instrumentation go into it to thicken it up to give it more character, and we treated the original samples as the foundation on which to build on. I feel I have some of the best mc’s/dj’s around on this album, plus with Geko behind the boards mixing everything, it’s a no brainer that we’ve put an abundance of thought and care into it…” Maundz

01. Induction
02. Zero 
03. Gusto
04. All Quotes ft. Brad Strut & Action Bronson
05. Maundzilla
06. Take it Back ft. Bias B
07. Traveling Lady
08. Toys (skit)
09. C U Next Tuesday ft. Drapht
10. Agent 86
11. Zero’s Theme
12. Homicide ft. Vents & Sesta
13. How ‘Bout a Drink (skit)
14. The Flipside ft. Alyson Murray
15. Slang Rap
16. March the 10th
17. Letters and Numbers ft. Crate Cartel
18. Wik’s Theme
19. Then Till Now
20. 3 and 3 Noughts

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