Balmores Clothing

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Balmores (pronounced Bell•moh•ress) was founded in 2008 with the vision of producing versatile streetwear for the vibrant local and international street culture community. Reflecting our vision and serving the Hip Hop, streetportation and creative arts market, we aim to represent our brand through its customers; the people.

Values of the Balmores Brand: Authenticity
Proudly standing by all they do, Balmores aims to produce fresh, original designs as they carve up printed street wear with real edge. Noticing the current flood of endless similar product and lack of creative streetwear over-saturating the market, Balmores is not content to settle with the ‘that’s a nice spin’ or ‘it’s good enough’ frame of mind which seems prevalent across the market in general. Balmores will produce creative, evocative art in the form of clothing for their customers and anybody who sees their message.

Balmores aim to keep everything they do at Balmores on a local level. To the label it means that all design, printing and production of Balmores is conducted locally where possible. They also strive to maintain active relationships with all of their contacts; by working with people they know and trust, building a mutual, fruitful relationship and keeping the local economy active. The aim is to replicate this idea wherever Balmores goes. People over profits.

Exclusivity to Balmores doesn’t mean being expensive and out of reach; rather they see it more as a mark of uniqueness. All of the clothing is produced in controlled numbers and they only reprint designs for a certain period of time. This keeps the clothing limited and in essence, exclusive. When you buy a Balmores design, the feeling should be that of coming into an exclusive group of like minded individuals with a common love for street culture and fashion.

A core tenet of Balmores is respect. Respect of one another, community and the world. The Balmores community is built around celebration of diversity and mutual appreciation of creativity.

Balmores has never been and has no plans to become a large corporation to achieve large scale mainstream success. They remain locally funded and Balmores will always remain independent.

Balmores may have been conceived in relaxed Australia, known worldwide as the ‘lucky country’, but they have always worked with a hustle mentality. Formed out of nothing but an idea, and determined to create something big, positive and powerful, Balmores aims to be a leader in the street culture and wider world. As one of their favourite street poets once said, ‘Sleep is the cousin of death.’

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