Taylor Made Tactix – Uninvited Guests

Introducing Taylor Made Tactix (TMT), the Hip Hop 4 from the southern suburbs of Adelaide consisting of MC’s Mesha, Mnops and Senca along with veteran Australian Turntablist DJ Snair (Social Change, Cross Bred Mongrels, BattleHoggs).

TMT’s journey begins at Morphett Vale High School in 2001 where MC Mesha would frequent ciphers with Johny C and Eckles building up steam in local battles. It was in these freestyle circuits where Mnops would appear all guns blazing, eventually joining the TM team along with MC Senca (formally of Peripheral Visions). By 2006 TMT began making their presence known in the local scene delivering boom-bap rap and engaging crowds as humble, unknown mcs with an evident passion for their art.

DJ Snair on the otherhand needs no introduction… As a DMC and ITF state champion and 3 times DMC national runner up, Snair has not only dominated turntable competitions for years, but has toured and played shows extensively across Australia.  In 2007 DJ Snair saw the young TM team performing. He acquired their demo CD and soon after joined the group, at which point they began writing and recording their first official album for release on Adelaide’s Butterthief imprint.

TMTs collective nature and hard work has since resulted in a sound that is effortless and without typical identity. The music reflects a certain honest outlook and the focus is clearly on the self expression of the artists with no need for special effect. There in begins the fully formed Taylor Made Tactix crew. 

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