Skryptcha – Mindful

Skryptcha has a knack for making the philosophical non-confrontational. His second masterpiece Mindful is not unlike it’s creator; preceptive, sharp and ahead of its time. After the notoriety surrounding previous LP Numb3rs, and break out EP Left to Write, the slick young wordsmith has found time to knock out a Journalism degree, and travel substantially. Crafted during the most pivotal years of his life, Mindful takes a considered look at Skryptcha’s unique journey thus far.

Mindful’s production was expertly handled by illustrious US producer Illmind, a long-time favourite beat-maker of Skryptcha’s. Throughout the album, a dynamic emcee-producer synchronicity is evident, Illmind setting a scene and Skryptcha telling the story seamlessly. The most comprehensive period of the duo’s artistic interaction took place during Skryptcha’s visit to Illmind’s studio in Brooklyn. An otherwise digital collaboration, the distance between the two proved irrelevant in creating the album the two had envisaged. Using analogue equipment and processes, Illmind’s rich bass lines and homage to old school soul set the tone throughout Mindful.

“I’ve listened to Illmind’s beats for years and have always been in love with his sound. He’s on the exact tip I was looking for, so managing to link up with him on this entire project was a blessing.” – Skryptcha

Mindful stars a carefully selected bunch of guest artists including Obese Records label-mates Illy and Spit Syndicate, and the dulcet tones of vocalists Sam Ackerman, Joyride, Rachael Berry, and Daniel Mifsud. Skryptcha worked closely with his guest artists to develop hooks and song structure, wanting to emphasise each of their individual styles for their respective tracks.

In opening number Graduation a braggadocio track with premise; Skryptcha looks back on just how far he’s come since his rap career began. The proclamation of bold organ loops fused with sharp boom bap beats is complimented by the sultry vocals of Rachael Berry on the hook. Lead single Dance sets the head nodding with its laid-back soulful guitar loops teamed with loose, punchy beats. Skryptcha maneuvers rhythmic rhymes skillfully around the beat, whilst observing music’s power to simplify a person’s circumstance.

In My Way Up, Illy and Skryptcha compare notes on their exceeded expectations since putting out their first releases. With the soulful vocals of Joyride on the hook, bright piano and occasional electronic nuances colour the track. Already a musical hybrid release due to the international nature of its collaborators, Mindful has the potential to reach many with its positive outlook and widely relatable themes.

“I really hope people connect with this album. I write a lot of my music out of my own personal experiences but I always try and bring the listener into that. I hope it informs, inspires & empowers.” – Skryptcha

Track list:
1 – Graduation feat. Rachael Berry
2 – Take Off feat. Daniel Mifsud
3 – Dance
4 – Crash Course
5 – The Sun
6 – Going Nowhere feat. Daniel Mifsud
7 – Edge Of The World
8 – Let It Ride
9 – Work Out feat. Spit Syndicate
10 – 50 Ways
11 – I’m Good feat. Rachael Berry
12 – Goodnight
13 – My Way Up feat. Illy & Joyride

iTunes exclusive offer:
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14 – Rainfall
15 – Your World

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