Elefant Traks Welcomes New Signing Jimblah

The most striking thing about Jimblah is not his ability to sing, rap and produce beats, it’s the eyebrow-raising fact he does them all so well. His flow alone outshines most MCs, but his tone and singing style are so memorable, so drenched in soul, it’s music for the heart.

Then consider his signature dusty, chopped-up melodic productions and you begin to understand Jimblah is truly a special talent. Elefant Traks have watched him with great admiration and believe his album Face the Fire should be in everyone’s collection. It transcends hip hop, soul or indie music scenes, or even radio; it’s an album with the rare quality of being able to hang back a little, as though not desperate for your attention, knowing that you’ll be drawn in before long. It’s that good.

So Elefant Traks did the right and proper thing, they’re releasing it for free at www.jimblah.com. Jimblah was the inaugural winner of the Hilltop Hoods Initiative and was last week’s triple j Unearthed Artist of the Week.

‘Since dropping one of my favourite local tracks of the year ‘Capitol City’, Jimblah continues growing and progressing. I can’t wait to see where he takes his music next’ — Suffa (Hilltop Hoods).

Jimblah’s new record will be released on Elefant Traks in 2013.

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