Full Tote Odds – Call It A Night

The third single from Full Tote Odds upcoming album Place Your Bets (out November 16th) is Call It A Night. Following the immediate success of first single Southern Wind, and second single What’s Going Down, Call It A Night is no exception to the solid song writing and catchy hooks demonstrated in FTO’s previous releases.

One of the first tracks finished for the album, Call It A Night is produced by beat-master Debate, known to FTO from his work on various Train Of Thought albums and the Levelheaded solo LP.

We wanted to reflect on our life journey and the problems we faced growing up.  Not that we had particularly hard journeys, we just battled with the same stuff all kids do. We wanted to keep this introspective reflection as a positive thing, and the truth is that our lives have all worked out pretty good. The chorus line “leave with a grin when I call it a night” means that you need to be content with wherever you get to in life.” – Full Tote Odds

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